ECOBATT ENERGY is specialized in Battery Rejuvenation. Not many people know that batteries can be recovered instead of replacing. We help our clients save cost of operations by restoring the battery capacity to factory condition.


Batteries go bad due to poor maintenance. Battery rejuvenation can be very helpful in reducing the cost and time of operations. Almost 80% of the batteries breaking down and losing capacity are sulphated, but can be restored with the right equipment. Contact now!

Improved back-up time


Battery reguvenation optimizes battery functioning and hence improving the back up time by 90-110%.

Reduced cost saves money


Battery Reguvenation is much more cheaper than replacing the Battery hence reduced operational cost significantly.

Environment friendly

Battery disposal is hazardous waste. Battery reguvenation helps protect environment and also saves raw material.

Increased Lifespan

Battery recovery increases life span of the battery by at least 1-2 year.

Reduce your operational cost

Learn from us, why battery regeneration is easier than Battery replacement. EcoBatt Energy not only help environment but also helps you reduce the cost, while enhancing the company in its ecological approach.. Call us and we will guide you for free!

Learn from us, why battery reguvenation is easier than Battery replacement. Bettery revival not only help environment but also helps you reduce the cost. Call us and we will guide you for free!


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Together, build a new reflex, for an intelligent and economical management of our batteries.


For a responsible energy, think "EcoBatt"

Street Metakarona,Krong Siem Reap 17260

Tel: 017 330 739


EcoBatt Energy is the Exclusive Distributor of the battery resurgence technology  in Cambodia.

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