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Battery regeneration extends battery life and maintains optimal performance throughout their design life cycle, which saves total battery waste and CO2 emissions.

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Green Battery

Used and regenerated batteries that are put back on the market, offering an alternative to eco-conscious consumers.

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These batteries come from carefully screened manufacturers. They are covered by an extended warranty

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EcoBatt Energy was founded in May 2019 . The idea of EcoBatt came out from some questions we all ask ourselves. Why does the battery not last long in Cambodia? 

What to do with our batteries when they are dead? 
After having stored some automotive batteries for several months, they tried to find out what to do with them. They were looking for an approved battery recycling center, but that doesn’t exist in Cambodia. After some research, they discovered that some operators buy the old batteries and then sent them to some collecting centers. They contacted one of them and the rest of the story was a terrible observation. The operator took the batteries, opened them, and threw the electrolyte directly into the ground. After asking him the reason for this, the operator replied that this was the usual practice because the collecting centers pay less if the electrolyte is not emptied beforehand.

Why Choose  Ecobatt-Energy?

Due to climatic conditions (heat, humidity), transportation time, 
poor storage, lack of battery knowledge & poor maintenance, batteries 
in Cambodia and Southeast  Asia is last 3 times less than they are designed 
for and therefore needs to be replaced regularly. That results in more purchases 
and so more waste and carbon emissions from recycling and production of new 
Ecobatt-Energy gives new life to used industrial lead-acid batteries while focusing
on greening aspects of all our activities. Indeed, lead-acid batteries that we use 
leave a significant carbon footprint and waste. In order to overcome this major 
problem, A cost-effective and better solution is to make them last as long as 
possible. As a corporate citizen, our core business is to fight against battery 
obsolescence in Cambodia, which does not have any approved battery
recycling center and suffers from their environmental & public health negative effects. 

Experience on customer care and after sale-services 

Experience in Cambodia Automotive, electric vehicles, solar markets 

Cambodian-French teams 

Technical team battery knowledge, maintenance & regeneration know-how Knowledge and care of the environmental & public health 
effects of battery’s obsolescence 


What Customer Said?


Rather than spending additional money to purchase new batteries, ECOBATT convinced us to regenerate the old ones!  The regen process increases the capacity and extends the service life unlike any process we’ve tried to use in the past. Furthermore it’s environmentally friendly


Before working with ECOBATT we didn’t know that our batteries can be regenerated. In a few months we have been working with ECOBATT we have successfully regenerated more than 50 batteries which final destination was garbage, so for that I’m really pleased


We did a regeneration of our batteries and I’m really satisfied with the result. I can say today I am proud to tell people that indeed batteries can be regenerated in ecological way. ECOBATT is a good alternative to the recycling and batteries disposal. They helped us to save money by restoring & prolongs battery lifespans