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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

EcoBatt Energy Cambodia Introducing a Revolutionary Technology That Will Bring Your Batteries Back to Life Using a Quick, Easy, and Environmentally-Safe Process

We guarantee the quality of our regeneration of your batteries, they find themselves in a state close to new, and we guarantee the holding of load.


The warranty is based on the condition of your batteries, so when you receive your batteries in our workshops, we first make an inventory, and you indicate the warranty period for your batteries.


Old batteries can be regenerated without worry, but the longer the battery is, and generally the less the warranty period will be long, however you will find a battery in perfect working order, and we will issue a certificate.

Each battery runs a battery of tests before launching its regeneration, and depending on the results, we regenerate your battery to the maximum standards and capacities of your current battery, in order not to damage it, and guarantee you a normal use.

On average, regenerated batteries can exceed 90% charge (the normal value is 100% maximum for a new battery).

How Does the Process Work?

When you call EcoBatt Green Energy, we come to you! Within 24 hours, a field technician can be at your place to perform the initial inspection and preparation. We’ll determine whether your battery is a good candidate for our ECOBATT technology, which can then be performed on the spot or at our factory If your battery has reached a point where it can no longer be regenerated, we also offer a complete line of high-performing new batteries for a longer lasting, more affordable, and eco-friendly alternative!

Maintenance Program

With our annual maintenance program, EcoBatt Energy GreenStart will come out to analyze your battery, print your results for your records, check the chemical composition for proper specific gravity, replace if necessary, and install a dosage of Electrolyte Cell Optimizer, safeguarding your battery from further sulfation. This annual maintenance program starts at only $29.99!

What Kinds of Batteries Can the ECOBATT ENERGY Process Regenerate?

The short answer is any wet-cell battery, which are the larger batteries typically seen in cars, golf carts, boats, ATV’s, and other motor vehicles.

Trucks & Automobiles

A new car battery can average at over $100 for a replacement. EcoBatt Green Energy Batteries solution can regenerate your existing battery for only $49.99!

Recreation Vehicles

In Siem Reap, our recreational vehicles are sadly very seasonal. Anyone who owns a ATV, tourist car, knows that keeping them in storage for months is a surefire way to end up with a dead battery. Next time, don’t go buy a replacement! EcoBatt Energy Batteries can come to you for a quick and easy regeneration.

Marine Vehicles

Many large commercial boats, and even mid-size recreational boats, utilized multiple batteries for their operation. With our advanced technology, you can save a fortune each year avoiding replacement batteries.

It doesn’t end there, some other industries that can reduce their costs with ECOBATT GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CAMBODIA include construction, agriculture, medical, military, municipal, and many more!

For more information about our advanced battery life extender technology, or to schedule a technician to perform a diagnostic and restoration for your battery, contact us  today and speak to a battery expert.

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