At EcoBatt Energy Cambodia we provide the best battery life restoration services for our customers.

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

At EcoBatt Green Energy Cambodia we provide the best battery life restoration services for our customers. If you are tired of replacing your old batteries every year, don’t make the same mistake this year. Give us a try to serve you the best.


Solar Plant Batteries

The batteries in a photovoltaic solar energy system are to accumulate the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels during the hours of Sun to be able to use it at night or on cloudy days. The use of batteries also allows to provide a current higher than that which can offer a functioning photovoltaic panel. This would be the case if several electrical appliances were used at the same time.

The batteries have the function of providing electrical energy in the system at the moment when the photovoltaic panels do not generate the necessary electricity (for example at night or in low light). At the moment that the photovoltaic panels can generate more electricity than the demanded by the electrical system all the energy demanded is supplied by the panels and the surplus is used to charge the batteries.

A battery consists of small accumulators of 2V integrated in the same element; has direct current at 6, 12, 24 or 48V. The accumulator is the cell that stores energy through an electrochemical process. Thus, when we talk about a 12V battery, we are talking about a series set of 6 lead-acid cells of 2V each.

Deep cycle batteries and accumulators specially made for solar photovoltaic systems. Due to their high level of discharge they allow a much longer life than conventional solar batteries. Solar batteries offer from the most economical batteries called mono block, through the intermediary of battery type AGM and Gel, and finally stationary.

The life of a battery for solar installations is usually around 10 years, but if frequent discharges are carried out in depth ( 50%), its useful life falls sharply. Therefore, it is convenient to install enough capacity so that 50% of the discharge is not exceeded. Every year hundreds of thousands of tons of lead batteries are collected to be destroyed under conditions that are often poorly controlled. 80% of them could have been restored. Due to the restoration of the batteries you participate in sustainable development.

The renewal doubles the life expectancy of a battery while improving its production capacities. Your batteries charge faster, your power consumption and charging cycles decrease; hence, optimum productivity of your material handling equipment

Telecommunication Batteries

Telecoms are among the biggest consumers of batteries, essentially static. Every year, thousands of "new" batteries that have never been used are discarded and replaced with new batteries.

Their only defect is a sulphation rate above the acceptable standard.

The rated capacities of the telecom batteries are indicated for a discharge of 20 hours, i.e. for a discharge current of 0.05C (Gel 'long life: 10 hours). Actual capacity decreases in faster discharges with high currents. The capacity reduction will still be faster with constant power devices such as inverters. High temperatures have a very negative influence on the life span of batteries and actual capacity decreases in faster discharges with high currents. The capacity reduction will still be faster with constant power devices such as inverters.

The renewal of batteries is costly in terms of maintenance. It costs not only to its owner but also to the community by environmental pollution, since the lead contained in the battery is toxic.

Our role is to provide assistance at the right time to perpetuate the batteries of our customers.

Office Backup Batteries

Protect your home and home computers against damage and destruction of files that may be caused by unexpected changes in the electrical network, including surges and even lightning. Protection for electronic equipment from damage caused by cuts or surges while supplying battery power during a power outage is necessary in office environment. It has Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), which instantly adjusts high and low voltages to safe levels for equipment. The office Backup batteries provide industry-leading protection and reliability for the most important electronic components.

Backup batteries and UPS units help reduce the anxiety of experiencing data loss during a sudden outage. Since their function is to keep the power on for a few extra minutes, you can act quickly to back up your data.

Manage your backup batteries and UPS units directly from your computer or from the same unit. With high power pulses at specific frequencies, Ecobatt Energy Cambodia removes the lead sulphate crystals that form on the surface of the electrodes. The electrodes thus regenerated restore the original performances of the battery.

Automobile Batteries

The car battery is actually an accumulator of energy and the said electric energy comes from the vehicle's alternator, starter motors or regenerative braking and the battery is in charge of accumulating said energy and distributes it by the various components of the vehicle. We have to take into account that the battery is not a simple element to start the vehicle, but in today's vehicles we can find 80% of electronic components, which depend directly on the correct state of our battery (switchboards, direction, brakes, air conditioning, board computer etc.)

Batteries are used in all types of automobiles. After 1 to 4 years your batteries will operate below their optimum level and/or no longer hold the charge. Remember to periodically check your battery to avoid unpleasant surprises when there is a blow of cold or heat. EcoBatt Energy Cambodia provides the services of restoration of batteries. The restoration of batteries by Ecobatt Energy reconstitutes the original capacities of your sulphated batteries by the electrochemical reconditioning of the electrodes. Simply restore car battery with the latest technology and get it worked like the new one.

Do You Really Need Restoration of Your Old Batteries?

Automobiles usually have lead-acid batteries which may get sulfated over the course of time due to occurrence of sulfation within the casing of the battery. However, little sulfur corrosion can also allow your battery to get a new life through proper restoration that also includes car battery restoring service. This is the most preferred option because this will enable you to save the cost of new device. How to determine either your old battery can be restored or not? Check the following:

Just in case your automobile is not getting started due to weakened of battery, it is the right time to get car battery restore service. A battery might work perfectly for about 3-4 years and if it gets older than this period, you better get it restored rather than charging frequently.

Note: In case of major defects such as warped sides of battery or burnt connectors etc, the best option is to replace it with the new one.

Consumers often inquire about something like this “is there any car battery service near me”. Well, the experts’ advice is that don’t look for nearer service but look for the better service provider as in this way you won’t just save money and time but will also keep you away from the troubles and disappointments.

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