Repair, Reconditioning & Replacement of Industrial Batteries  

EcoBatt Energy Cambodia is one of the Cambodia's largest and most experienced battery facilities. Our modern shops are equipped with the latest in computerized charging and discharge testing equipment, and meet or exceed all environmental safety standards.  

EcoBatt Energy offers 

- Full maintenance 
- Field service
- Repair / reconditioning Preventative maintenance 
- Battery cleaning / wash service 
- Environmental assistance

Ecobatt Energy specializes in both Flooded Battery (VLA, vented, wet) and Sealed (VRLA & Gel) Battery Maintenance. Ecobatt ensures your batteries will not fail when needed by performing all maintenance procedures according to IEEE, NERC, and Manufacturer's Standards. Ecobatt’s Battery PM Programs maximize the battery’s life expectancy and efficiency. Each battery maintenance service is engineered and scheduled for the customers and their needs.

All procedures and inspections can be performed monthly, quarterly, and annually by Ecobatt Energy. We incorporate all the recommendations per IEEE and in every case, surpass these recommendations to offer the most complete and efficient Battery Planned Maintenance Program available.  All scheduled visits are coordinated with the customer to allow maximum convenience.

Ecobatt Energy will custom design a program to optimize your Backup Battery System performance while also preventing avoidable failures, ensuring safety and enhancing the overall efficiency of your system during a power outage.


Our process can restore your telecom battery bank at a fraction the cost of a new replacement.

Ecobatt’s Battery Preventative Maintenance Programs can include the following: Flooded Battery Maintenance (VLA, vented, wet)





✓ Visual inspection of cell/unit integrity for evidence of corrosion at terminals,         

connections, racks, and cabinets

✓ Check condition of ventilation and monitoring equipment

✓ Measure and record either battery float charge or pilot cell specific gravity

✓Check cells for cracks and evidence of electrolyte leakage

✓ Pilot-cells, if used, measure and record voltage and electrolyte temperature

✓ Measure and record ambient temperature 

✓  Check electrolyte levels

✓  Measure and record charge output current and voltage

✓  Measure and record overall float voltage measured at the battery terminals

✓  If installed, check battery monitoring system for proper operation

✓  Measure and record voltage of each cell 
✓   If battery float charging current is not used to monitor state if charge, measure and record               specific gravity of 10% of the battery cells

✓    Measure and record specific gravity and temperature of each cell
✓    Measure and record cell to cell terminal connection resistance
✓  Check structural integrity of the battery rack an/or cabinet

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Street Metakarona,Krong Siem Reap 17260

Tel: 017 330 739


EcoBatt Energy is the Exclusive Distributor of the battery resurgence technology  in Cambodia.

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